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As a Wedding Professional Officiant I serve Indiana and destination weddings. My goal is to offer a stress free, creative, dependable, and special wedding ceremony. Are you ready to wow your guests? Have them raving as much about your ceremony as they do the reception.
My services are open to everyone. Regardless of culture, background, Sexual Orientation, or Religion. Most of all, my belief is that we are all deserving of Love and Marriage. That is my niche.

Information on obtaining a required Marriage license in Indiana

Please click here to get all the information you need for your marriage license. This is required in order for any wedding professional to legally marry you in the State of Indiana

Elopement or Civil Ceremony

Elopement’s meaning is to run away and not come back. Although now a days the word “Elopement” refers to a marriage that is more intimate. Without any religious obligations, or fear of family rejection.
Other reasons could be to avoid any public interaction, or to hurry away with your loved one. With the intention on getting married. Not to mention, sometimes you want to save the time, energy, money.
I offer my home office as a very cheap option to elope for even same day weddings in Indianapolis. Already decorated as a chapel with elegant decor for your use. Most of the time I can accommodate same day service. To ensure I am not already with a client, you will need an appointment. I am happy to travel to any location you desire. From Starbucks to Backyards…. Let’s do this!

Same day wedding Indianapolis

Traditional, Religious, or Just Romantic Wedding Ceremonies

Whether you decide to have Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Candle Ceremony, or Sand Ceremony. There are many special elements you can add. Even hand fasting with tying an eternity knot….
My job as a wedding professional is to customize your ceremony, include both of your beliefs. Even if it includes two different religions. Or non-religious but with everything else traditional. Nothing is wrong in my book, whatever works for you. Weddings and traditions have changed so much over the years.

Fun Fact:

Did you know back in the day the Wedding dress the bride wore was the nicest one she had in her closet. The “White Wedding Dress” became popular after Queen Victoria wore a white dress back in 1840. This set the tone for future weddings for years to come. The more traditional color used to be Blue, which stood for Purity, like White does today.
Back during arranged marriages, they would not allow the Groom to see the Bride. Incase her appearance was not to his liking and he decided to run for it. Now some people take it as bad luck. Others enjoy doing first looks. Having the photographer there to catch-all the emotions.
In the end it’s your Wedding, your memories, a beginning to your new life as a married couple. Cheers!!

Unique or Non-Traditional Weddings

Barns are VERY popular as wedding venues and what’s not to love? You get a blank canvass with all the neutral colors that come with a barn. Barns usually are rich in history with lots of charm and character. Making for beautiful settings!

Even sharing your day with the wildlife is an adventure. I remember doing a farm wedding one-summer afternoon. The bridal party and I were set up out in the field, and did not have a barn to have the ceremony in. When I look up from my script to glance over at some of the guests, to my surprise there were all the cows lined up at the fence. Watching as they chewed on some grass. Ha!

As for Starbucks I will say I have been there and done that many times. If that is your thing and it makes you happy, then I am there right along with you. I have even married couples in Hospital rooms, Prisons, etc…

The thing is we are all unique, special in our own ways, and come from all different walks of life. I am as creative as you need, if you want to get married at the RaceTrack, Art Museum, Park, or even at the Beach. (I won’t complain about that one.) Jokes aside, I wont complain about any of your choices.
I love what I do!

LGBTQ Welcome!!

I welcome and have experience with LGBT Weddings. Making you feel welcome and accepted is important to me. Let’s talk about how to personalize your same sex wedding. Or same day Wedding in Indianapolis. (LGBTQ)

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