11 Unique Ideas to Customize Your Wedding

For decades (sometimes centuries) wedding traditions have been in place for brides and grooms to accept or dismiss. Regardless of how you feel about tradition, I’m all for creating magical moments that leave everyone impressed and more connected. I’ve collected some truly unique ideas here on how to turn your day into something that you and your guests will always remember. Here are our top 11 customizations that can be incorporated into any wedding theme. 

Song Requests – I love this idea because it allows you to invite your friends and family into the planning process. When they hear their song play it will give them a sense of your appreciation, and who doesn’t want to make their guests feel special? Your sound engineer, DJ, or band can even announce who the song belongs to adding some even more personal touches. Great idea too for those who cannot be there but want to send their love. 

Get a Wedding Logo – Personalize various wedding decor pieces with a customized logo of your liking. These can be printed on napkins, placed on cakes, adhered to just about anything you’d like. You can take a stab at this yourself by using free online tools like Canva or using your Cricut machine. You can also solicit a professional (which I suggest) and find a graphic artist in places like Fivver or Upwork. 

Unique Cake Toppers – We’ve seen him and her cake toppers for eons. We’ve even seen flowers take the stage on cakes to replace those little plastic figures too. How about taking it to a personal level? Is your fiancé an electrician? How about painted lightbulbs. Do you both love a particular fruit? Have your cake artist go wild with this using the real thing or fondant. Game of Thrones fans? How about incorporating dragons on your cake and using wedding accessories to adorn them with? This is one more way to really make your mark on your day. 

Shop Local Favors – Indiana has some truly amazing artisans and products that are made right here in the state. You can celebrate your Hoosier heritage by finding a small business that can help you with favors. Think candles, soaps, chimes, local honey pots, tiny tree saplings from a local nursery, etc. Not only will you love supporting an Indiana-based business, but it will tell the story of your wedding day and its location. 

Appetizers as the Main Dish – Sometimes planning a dinner for wedding guests with different palates is tough. Avoid the trap of chicken and fish by hiring a caterer who can create a dinner appetizer spread. Charcuterie Boards can make a beautiful centerpiece! You can work with the chef to include hearty options and light fare. This way you can give everyone something they will enjoy, and they choose their own dinner adventure. 

Wedding Charcuterie Board

Custom Cookies – The custom cookie game is strong among events today, so why not work with a baker who can do this for your wedding. Custom cookies can work off of several thematic wedding day details. That can be his and her initials, the new initials, characters of the bride and groom, the doggie ring bearer, the color, the season, or the location. The possibilities are endless and just adds to the detailed approach you took with your memory-making. 

Thematic Boutonnières – It is easy to get trapped in the flower boutonnière pigeon hole. Bring some creative juice to the groomsmen’s game by stylizing their lapel with something more unique. For example, if you’re doing a barn house wedding, you could use hay, twine, and wood. If you and your mate are crazy about movies, you could get some 35mm film and add tuffs of ribbon and flowers in your color scheme. Start with what you love and build upon that. 

Family Style Dessert Spread – Some families come from a long string of chefs or outstanding cooks. How amazing would it be to have them bake their favorite desserts for your big day? This doesn’t have to replace the cake but offers your guests something to graze on while they are dancing the night away with you. When everyone learns that all of the recipes came from your family, they will be even more impressed. 

Memory Making Stations – There will be many moments at your wedding where people will be looking to do more than dance or eat. Think about some ways they can stay entertained with games, photo-taking spaces, 

art stations, temporary tattoo application area, bride and groom crosswords, sweets station with bags, etc… These are all great ideas to help your guests work the room which places less pressure on you to entertain people with repetitive conversation.  

Commission an Artist – Photographs are a must, but what if you had an artist on-site to document various scenes throughout your wedding. Depending on the artist and type of art they do, you may need more than one to get more than a single piece of work. People will love watching them create your memories, and you’ll have something truly special to hang in your home forever. 

Grand Exits – When all is done, and the guests are starting to exit the building happy and smiling, plan a grand exit. Have a classic car pick you up decked out with flowers and streamers. Go big and hire a hot air balloon, boat, or Helicopter! The point is to leave your guests breathless in how you arrived as two and exit as one! 

I’m here to help you create unique wedding experiences in Indiana. I can certainly help you with helicopter rides, outdoor ceremonies, or anything else you can think up. Connect with me today to get started on your customized Indianapolis wedding!