Mansion Society Pop-up Wedding Officiant

“The New Year’s Eve Pop-Up Wedding at Mansion Society: An Officiant’s Perspective on Elopements and Responsibilities”


Mansion Society Pop Up Wedding Officiant

Greetings, dear readers. I’m Lesley, the proud owner of Indy Get Married LLC, and today, I’d like to revisit the New Year’s Eve Mansion Society Pop-up wedding that took place, at a quaint coffee shop in Indianapolis, Indiana, but from a different perspective. This time, I want to delve into the distinctions between elopements and formal weddings, the responsibilities of a wedding planner versus an officiant, and the importance of making responsible choices and supporting small businesses.


Elopements vs. Formal Weddings:

In my years as an officiant, I’ve had the privilege of working with couples in various scenarios, ranging from formal weddings to intimate elopements. It’s essential to understand the differences between these two types of ceremonies.


For formal weddings, extensive planning and coordination often go into creating the perfect day. Couples meticulously organize every detail, from venue selection to catering and photography. My role as an officiant is to officiate the ceremony itself, not to oversee the logistics of the entire event. This distinction is crucial, as the responsibility for verifying payments to vendors, photographers’ permits, and permissions to use particular venues falls on the couple or their designated wedding planner.

Elopements, on the other hand, offer a more straightforward approach. Couples can book my services directly through my website and provide their details through a contact form. Elopements are often chosen for their simplicity and intimacy, making them a perfect choice for couples looking to say quick “I do’s” or seeking a unique and personal experience, much like the “pop-up wedding” at Mansion Society.


Taking Responsibility for Your Choices:

Now, let’s circle back to the unexpected “pop-up wedding” that unfolded at Mansion Society. The issue here was not the choice of location, but the lack of responsibility taken by the clients. While I do offer a space within my elopement services, these clients wanted more guests. It’s important to understand that my niche has always been to make every couple feel welcome and accepted, regardless of their chosen location.

However, the problem arose when these clients failed to take responsibility for their chosen location. They selected a small business without obtaining prior permission to use the space and then refused to pay the required fees. This lack of responsibility and disregard for the business’s policies and employees’ well-being was concerning.


The Importance of Supporting Small Businesses:

As an officiant who often works with couples seeking unique and unconventional wedding experiences, I understand the value of small businesses. These enterprises thrive on providing personal, intimate, and often one-of-a-kind experiences. It’s crucial for us as a community to support them, especially in challenging times.


In conclusion, the unexpected New Year’s Eve wedding at Mansion Society serves as a reminder of the distinctions between elopements and formal weddings, as well as the responsibilities of a wedding planner versus an officiant. Regardless of the type of ceremony, it is essential for couples to take responsibility for their choices and behavior, respecting the policies and expectations of the venues they choose.


Small businesses play a significant role in our communities and supporting them is vital. Let’s remember that while officiants like myself can educate our clients, it ultimately falls upon them to be responsible for their decisions. Whether eloping or planning a formal wedding, due diligence and respect for small businesses can lead to beautiful and memorable experiences for all involved.