Of course, you’re going to be a little indecisive about your Indiana wedding details. You’re about to experience a benchmark moment, and we certainly can’t blame you for that. If your indecisiveness is standing in the way of you enjoying the journey to the alter, it’s time to face it head-on. This doesn’t mean that you’ll have to compromise or rush your decisions; we are just going to offer you ideas on how to take control and lessen the stress. Here are 6-ways to help you make up your mind.


Did you know that you have more brain-gut cells in your stomach than you do in your head? See, there is a reason you feel the tug or punch in the gut! Your gut is smart and is often the feeling center of what you really want. We tend to contemplate a lot of “what if’s” when making decisions for our Indianapolis wedding. We let the parade of second guesses come in and ruin it for our emotional selves. Your gut knows you better than anyone, so go back to the moment your gut sent you the message, and listen.


I know, that one hurts. We tend to look to the web (predominantly Pinterest) to help feed us ideas about how we want our big day to go. While that is fine once you’ve narrowed down your options, it’s going to overwhelm you if you’re unsure. Pinterest is Candy land for brides and grooms, showing you all the things that are often beyond our imagination or beyond our budgets. We love to be inspired, but at some point, inspiration leads to paralysis. You can’t have it all on your wedding day, but you can have all of what you want. I suggest getting focused on what you connect with and then look for ideas around that. For example, don’t look up “wedding gowns” lookup “bohemian wedding gowns in pale pink.


Most of us have a few friends that we truly trust, and when you’re struggling with a wedding decision, let them help you. Chances are these friends know you well and will be happy to keep you on track with who and what you’re all about. Sometimes it might even be hard to hear what they have to say, but let them make their case. Marinate on their thoughts and then come to a decision. Most of our friends want moments like these to be magical, and they will feel honored you’ve asked for their opinion.


Niching down is a business trick actually. Businesses often niche down to who they want to have as customers or clients. A successful business won’t try to please everyone. Business owners realize in trying to please everyone, they likely won’t please anyone. The only people who need to be considered in your decision making, are you and your significant other. You can negotiate around important people along the way, but make your decisions based on what you want first. The same can be said from choosing a menu, color pallet, flower motif, and more.


Your daily life is filled with personal patterns. Not habits (that’s entirely different) but little things you’re drawn to. They exist when you go to the grocery store, what isles do you find yourself in every time? That might help you build a menu. You can find patterns within TV programs you watch. Do you gravitate to dramas, particular actors, or genres of films? There is something to be said for a celebratory scene like the way Game of Thrones does it. There are patterns in your closet. Look for colors, textures, and literal patterns to help you draw some personal inspiration.


When all else fails, choose someone who can make the ultimate decision for you. This would need to be someone who has insight into your life or what you want. For some, that will be a best friend or mother. For others, you’re going to call on your professional network or a wedding planner. Some of us aren’t gifted with decisiveness. There is nothing wrong with that unless you don’t own it. If you know you’re indecisive, ask someone to step in and set you straight, so you don’t drive yourself or others crazy in your wedding planning process.

These are sure-fire ways to get clear about what you want and enlisting help when you’re feeling completely lost. Don’t be afraid to ask for support, because after all, these are significant decisions, and everyone should be empathetic to that. Use these tools to become the decisive bride or groom that you know you can be!