Backyard Weddings

We are still living in a pandemic world, which means weddings are still on the hook to adapt. Spring is right around the corner and we predict that Indiana will be home to hundreds of close family nuptials. Enter – the humble backyard gathering. Small celebrations are made up of big laughs, great friends, and fine food. Truly, what more could you ask for on your wedding day.

Here are a few details to consider when planning your backyard wedding. A wedding that will bring the closest of friends and family together during some of the most challenging of times. 

Welcome sign

A welcome sign is more important than ever if you’re planning to marry at home. Guests will need to know whether they should enter through the house or head directly to the yard upon arriving. We like the idea of an easel and sign pointing the way to your ceremony. Use arrows or other signs to guide guests for cocktail hour, reception, and other important locations, such as the restrooms or the dance floor.

Rugs as aisle runners

Inside elements can really polish an outdoor wedding. Use runners to create a decorative aisle for your ceremony. This helps distinguish the space from the rest of your yard while also tapping into your wedding colors and is far easier to navigate with various footwear. You can typically source rugs from, event companies, home stagers, and wedding design companies. As an officiant, I have walked on every kind of aisle runner you can think of, and let’s just say they have a mind of their own. Rugs will perform the best in my opinion.

Landscaped gardens

You don’t need to go all out when it comes to landscaping your yard or adding colorful plants, but a little pre-wedding gardening strategy is always worth it in the end. Since you’re likely spending less on a venue, you can always consider hiring a floral artist to really relate some beautiful pieces for your big day. A few months before your wedding day, start working in the yard to make sure it’s photo-ready. Actions such as clearing out dead plants, adding new mulch, and pruning bushes will help create the backdrop for a picture-perfect day. 


If you have furbabies that are going to be at your house on the wedding day, why not include them in the festivities? One of the awesome parts of home weddings is you can include these furry family members when otherwise they might be home alone. Have your dog take center stage as ring bearers, take getting-ready photos with your cat—the options are endless. Adding pets to your wedding day is a memory worth having if it fits into your overall vibe.

Cocktail area

Set up a cocktail/lounge space that can be used as transitory space throughout the day—for example, when guests are arriving, or waiting to be directed between the ceremony and reception. If you have an in-ground pool, the surrounding yard can double as a nice mingling space. Add floating candles or flower arrangements to the water for even more decorative flair. This space is perfect to help guests feel comfortable as to where to be, mingle, and participate in guestbooks or photo booth areas. 

Reception tent

If you’re getting married during the summer months, a marquee tent provides shade from the sun and a space for your guests to cool down. It’s also a lifesaver in the event of less than stellar weather, or if you’re having a fall wedding that might be affected by temperatures. Find a tent rental company to ask about their options for backyard weddings, such as cloth tents, clear-top tents, and walled tents. These pros are usually happy to guide you according to your season and wedding size. 

Bar station

Most wedding venues have built-in bars, but if you’re getting married at home, you’ll need an alternative option for serving beverages. You can easily rent or build a bar and decorate it to match your wedding theme. If you’re inviting several guests, consider setting up two bars with multiple bartenders to cut down on wait time for drinks. We also suggest a simple signature cocktail, beer, and wine selections. 

Family-style seating

Long banquet tables are one of the most popular backyard wedding ideas because they instantly encourage conversation and a laid-back vibe. This seating layout is a great choice if your backyard is longer than it is wide—you can fit more people into a smaller space by using neat rows of tables side-by-side. they also happen to be really Pinterest photo-worthy! 

Decorative tabletop rentals

Unless you have place settings on hand for all of your guests, you’ll most likely need to rent flatware, glassware, and dishes for your backyard wedding. You can source everything from the local rental companies. They deliver, set up, and handle the clean-up for all of the dishes on your wedding day. From vintage mismatched plates to classic white bone china, the tabletop rentals will easily transform your wedding decor and make the event feel extra-special. 

Wooden dance floor

If your yard doesn’t have a patio or other paved space for dancing, adding a dance floor is one of the backyard wedding ideas we’d definitely recommend. You can choose from all different styles, including classic wood, retro checkerboard, or even colorful LED tiles for a disco-inspired effect.  

Portable restrooms

We’re going to be completely candid for a minute: people will need to use the restroom throughout your wedding. Depending on your personal preference, you may or may not mind having guests trek through your home—you’ll need to consider how many restrooms you have and which rooms (if any) you’d be comfortable with people using during the event. Portable restrooms are a good alternative option, and plenty of companies offer trailers that have been specifically designed for weddings and feature cute interior decor with full amenities.


Finally… some ambiance. Plan ahead to ensure that your yard is well-lit and magical. Charming bistro strand lights are decorative and functional—a win-win. Hang them from trees, along a fence, or from tentpoles throughout the yard. 

The Wedding Officiant  

Yes… that’s me. Backyard weddings are a perfect match for professionals like me. As an award-winning officiant, I am very flexible and love helping you bring the full vision of your ceremony to life. I know how to make your ceremony just as magical and special or as simple as you need. 

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