Creating an Indiana Wedding Registry That Guests Will Use

Wedding Registry

A registry is an opportunity to guide your wedding guests, friends, and family to the items that you most need to start your new life together. What is happening today more times than not, guests are opting to shop outside of this list for various reasons. In fact, a WeddingWire survey revealed that only 14% of those who participated in the survey bought registry gifts or received them. Here are some ways to keep your Indiana wedding guests focused on what you really want and how you can help them understand the “why” behind the list.

Go Personal or Ask for Cash

Many guests don’t buy from your registry because they want to get you something more personal. Sometimes personal doesn’t cut the cake when seeing options like flatware and an air fryer. We suggest making your list as personal as you can with items that will also evoke “sentiment.” People aren’t trying to be rude by not shopping your registry, they are wanting to give you something meaningful and memorable.

Go Local or Online Handmade

Indianapolis has tons of amazing boutiques, furniture shops, decor stores, and more. If you register with a local Indianapolis boutique, your local wedding guests may feel like their gift means more, given the effort they put into making the purchase.

Yes, this option will require more work on your part, but your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, why not make this aspect of your big day just as important as your dress or beer selection. Also, opt for items on sites like You can email carts or links to your wedding guests. Create a registry newsletter with links to the items you want… which are more likely to be one-of-kind and super memorable.

Ask for The Moon

Sometimes Indy engaged couples try to keep their registry simple and sparse so as not to seem greedy or rude. We appreciate the humility, but hey, this is the big show…Ask for the moon! One of the main reasons people don’t shop registries is because items (especially the less expensive ones) tend to drop off of the list quickly. This leaves the procrastinators with only expensive options. Fill that list up with all of the things. Consider making a grid of items with varying price points so you have plenty of items in various price categories.

Make It Fun

Traditional registries can be boring. What if you were to create some fun/funny videos around why you need items on the list. Or use some great photos or kitschy poems to reiterate why these items will mean the world to you both. Just picture you both sitting at the dining table with awful-looking pancakes while asking your friends for some new griddling tools.

What about a series of hilarious photos of your fiancé’ in a series of uncomfortable positions sleeping, with the caption, “I cannot sleep another night next to this guy on this mattress. Help.”  Get creative. Turn that totally impersonal gift for a light fixture into a poem about being in the dark… forever. Post these pieces of content on your wedding website, Facebook wedding group page, or just on your profile spaces. 

We hope this helps you build the best Indiana wedding registry ever and lands you some of the best gifts to get you started on your amazing journey together. We know the registry can get overwhelming, so don’t try to do it all in one day. Spend ample time on it and have some fun.   

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