Big News! They tied the knot!

Tie the knot
Shaquana and Jerry

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They tied the knot!

All weddings and elopements have their story. Especially this beautiful couple with great energy. They braved the November cold and tied the knot with Indy Get Married LLC today.

When asked what exactly they loved about each other….Jerry explained how shy Shaquana was on their first date at Buffalo Wild wings, and Shaquana couldn’t help but notice his nice smile and how handsome he is! This all lead to their engagement in the privacy of their home, and here they are today eloping at my small intimate chapel. No witnesses needed. Just the two of them was all they wanted.

Their elopement included butterflies for her, and no matter how much he tried not to smile, he could not resist. As you can see in their picture they were both just glowing.

Not only did they prefer a private intimate romantic ceremony to Elope in Indy. But they wanted to save the thousands of dollars others spend on weddings couples spend every year. So they paid the $60 fee to be legally married in my chapel. Thats it! Bouquet included…

Here are some other Wedding Packages I offer

Wedding Packages

The chapel elopement attracts a lot of clients that are doing destination weddings as well. You may be getting married in a different country and just want to get the legal aspect of your marriage out of the way. Maybe you are having another vow renewal later with family and friends, or you may not want to at all. This elopement package will prove special enough and just for you.

Apply for your marriage license in the county you live in and come see me! Elope in Indy Today.

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