Frequently Asked Questions for a Minister (FAQ)

Questions for a Wedding Officiant

FAQ for a Minister

If you have any additional questions that I have not answered, please feel free to Contact me at your convenience. I look forward to being your Minister.

What do I need to get Married?

Some Officiants or Ministers have requirements before they will marry you. Many requirements range from belonging to their church, pre-marital counseling, etc…

The only “requirement” I have is you will need to have your Marriage license in order for me to Legally marry you. Your marriage license does have an expiration date so I do not recommend applying for it more than two months before your wedding date. This way you have around a month for it to be returned and filed with the clerks office.

HOWEVER, if you are just doing a commitment ceremony, then you are not required to have anything for this type of ceremony since the outcome would not be a legal marriage.

Can you perform Prison Weddings?

Yes! I am already pre approved for most institutions in Indiana. I have experience in making this as much of a good experience as possible.

Do I need witnesses to get Married in Indiana?

No, you are not required to have a witness in order to get married in the State of Indiana

Do you charge extra for ceremonies that run behind?

I do not charge extra if your ceremony runs a bit behind. However, I do ask that you are mindful of my schedule and strive to start things on time. Arriving a bit early provides me with the option of filling out the paper work before hand.

Do you welcome Same Sex Marriage?

I most certainly do. You can count on my service as your Wedding Officiant. I have experience with the LGBTQ community. You are more than welcome here! If you need more information regarding my services, feel free to contact me. You can view the different Wedding Ceremonies here.

Do I need to have an appointment for your elopement chapel package?

Yes, the use of my office/chapel for an elopement is by appointment only. I do have late appointments available, and can accommodate same day appointments on most days.

If you took pictures of your own at my wedding do you post them with hashtags?

It is almost impossible for me to know what most of the hashtags are for the weddings I do. If I am aware of your hashtag and or post a picture of your wedding I will use them. Or just feel free to follow me and check out the pictures I do post. (Most of times I don’t get a chance to take as many pictures as I would like to, unfortunately)

Do you have customer service?

Of course! I attempt to be as friendly and knowledgeable for my customers and provide the best services I possibly can. As a Minister, I strive to be available to answer your questions as needed. Lets get married!!

Example: Friend referred, Googled "Wedding Officiant", The Knot, Wedding Wire, Facebook etc......