How do I write my vows?

Certified Wedding Officiant

Pro tips from a Professional Wedding Officiant

This can be done easily once you know that your vows are your promises. You can of course start off by listing some things that you absolutely love about your partner.

Maybe even add a little about your love story, how you met, what you look forward to in the future. One important thing to decide together before you start is word count. Or how long you both plan on your vows lasting.

There really is no need to overthink things. An easy way to get the ink flowing is to write your promises in the following variations.

One: I vow to fill in the blank.

Two: I promise to fill in the blank.

Three: I commit to fill in the blank.

Four: I will always fill in the blank.

Lastly, a great tip is to email your vows to your officiant (hopefully myself 🙂 in advance. This way it can be printed off and handed to at the right time during the ceremony. Not only does this keep them nice and clean, but it is very helpful to not have to worry about having a pocket to keep them in until that time comes.

Especially since we Women typically don’t have pockets. Unless you are lucky and get one of those very cool bridal dresses with pockets!

Another option is to handwrite your vows in those handy dandy vow notebooks. With this option, you can also hand them to your officiant before the ceremony to hold on to them for you.

With these few tips, you are sure to be on your way to finishing up your vows. If you have any tips to share please leave them in a comment. I hope to hear from you!

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