Dear Couples…

Indiana Weddings and the Corona Virus

Your Indiana Wedding and the Corona Virus.

What an insurmountable decision you have in front of you right now. You could carry on without the thought that anything could stop your love. Or, you could cancel it all and wait until the dust settles before taking one more step towards your nuptials. First and foremost, you should hear this from someone outside of your family… I am truly sorry this is happening to you. Who would have ever thought that something invisible would be the cause of canceling one of the most important days of your life?

I thought it might be helpful to discuss your options… and offer you either justification or alternatives in planning your 2020 wedding in Indianapolis.


If you’re not having a Spring or early Summer wedding, you might not have to make this decision yet. You’re likely able to keep pushing forward with the thought that coronavirus will be a thing of the past by the time you say “I do.” This isn’t a bad plan. At this time…, even the medical professionals are suggesting that we will see some relief from this bio-hazard in months, not years. You can still take care of details, be mindful of what kind of deposits or financial commitments you’re making, and make sure you get clear (written) refund policies in place for your bigger budget items. 


If you have a Spring or Early Summer wedding, you’re in the toughest decision-making place of all. The federal government has suggested remaining in quarantine until May 15th. Some states have set this timeframe closer to well into June. The first thing you want to consider is your location and your state and federal guidelines. These alone may predict the outcome of canceling your wedding. For weddings shortly thereafter, you may still want to consider canceling due to “stress” on you and your guests and not knowing if businesses will be up and running yet. While a hard decision, I strongly feel safety should make the call here.


While it would be really easy to see this entire situation as a massive disaster, I thought I’d offer you some thoughts on how this “pause” might give you a chance to make some new decisions about your nuptials.

  • Guestlist. Will this give you a chance to reconsider how many people you have coming and if they all really need to be there. We often feel obligated to invite people that we could “take or leave” when it comes to the guest list… even though your dad might feel that his best friend from grade school deserves a spot on the list. Evaluate your list and cut it down to who really matters. All people matter, but they all don’t matter when it comes to being at your wedding.
  • Financial Gain. If you’re feeling the pressure from your wedding, especially from a financial standpoint… press the pause button. This might be the chance you need to get your budget under control. Re-negotiate your date, give up a date to help another bride out, and maybe get a discount in return from vendors who are struggling to get everyone rescheduled.
  • Manage Expectations. If it’s one thing we all know about planning a wedding… expectations are always high! That can often stress us out, break us financially, or make us feel intense external pressures. If this virus is doing anything right now, it is making us all take a deep breath and reconsider what is really important. Whether it’s you who needed this reminder, or your mother-in-law. You have been gifted with the time to manage expectations and make adjustments as needed.
  • Elopement. Some couples have decided to go forward with their nuptials and take a little trip out of town to get married. While I can’t advise any travel right now is a good choice, it might be something to consider in the not so distant future when travel restrictions are lifted again. For couples who find this entire coronavirus process exhausting and disappointing, this might be the perfect option for you.
  • Make it Legal and Party Later. One of the ways I suggest getting married in Indianapolis during this time is to do it legally and plan your big reception for everyone else when we return to normal life. Sharing the single moment with just you and a couple of special people might be the perfect scenario for some of you. This will leave the door open later for a spectacular party where you can break out all the traditions, attire, and wedding details.

I hope this has given you some alternate ways to look at your Indiana 2020 wedding and how to handle it during this uncertain time. I know these aren’t perfect remedies but I hope they offer you some ideas to make your wedding even more unique or personal. If you would like to take advantage of that last option, I can help! I’m still performing elopements and would be honored to help you with a memorable wedding date.