Non-Traditional Wedding

Let’s be honest, there are plenty of things about a traditional wedding that would give anyone “pause.” Some steer clear of them because of cost. After all, the average cost of a wedding in America right now is $38,700! Some are tortured by the idea of walking down the aisle in a big church only to be doing the chicken dance a few hours later.

The world is changing minute by minute. Many traditions of yesterday are getting a set of fresh eyes with new perspectives when it comes to pending nuptials. While the wedding “industry” as a whole is taking its dear sweet time evolving. There are plenty of other companies and officiants who are evolving faster.

Remember when we considered a “destination wedding” a “taboo” idea?

Yeah, me too.

Like other Officiants or Wedding Pros, I have decided to evolve faster when it comes to officiating weddings in Indiana. I recognize that Hoosier couples were getting frustrated with various aspects of planning their big day. Many of them complained that the person who was performing their wedding, wasn’t “listening.” It was even hard for them to find acceptance or please many of their important family members or friends.

What would it look like to get married to your best friend “your way?”

How to elope?

What if you and your beloved wanted to dress up like Harry Potter characters? Trot down the aisle with your broomsticks and butter beer? What if you are an Indianapolis LGBTQ couple? Or you can’t seem to find someone who can perform the wedding you’re meant to have? Or you could keep things small and ride off into the sunset on a helicopter! Like something out of a 50 Shades of Gray Movie Scene.

These are the Indianapolis weddings I love. Don’t get me wrong… a traditional wedding is wonderful too! I feel that eclectic couples shouldn’t have to abide by traditional wedding rules. If they don’t align with who they are… Each one of you are unique! Sometimes a flower toss and a four-tier cake doesn’t fit who they are. When couples seek to find the right wedding in Indiana. The magazines and media aren’t exactly filled with unique options. Meanwhile, most of these advertisements and featured articles may share gorgeous pictorial layouts, dresses, or tablescapes… in the end… The only thing changing is the type of flower used and what shade of white the dress will be.

unique Wedding

I go “ga-ga” over these layouts! I mean, what isn’t to love about perfectly placed ribbon on the backs of chairs? A reception space made for kings and queens? What I also recognize, is that my clients might want to get married in a cornfield on Halloween. Because you both just love the holiday and they can’t wait to copy-cat something right out of Beetlejuice.

No matter how eclectic we make your Indianapolis wedding experience. No matter if it fits the personality and or wishes of every family member and guest. The only thing that matters is how well the ceremony matches who you are as a couple. One of my top skills is being able to listen to your needs and wants. Making your special day live on in your memory. If your day needs to have all the traditional bells and whistles, then bring on the wedding magic! If your day has to include (holding my breath) multigenerational, multicultural, multi-language, interracial celebration, (Gasping for air) second marriage, barn wedding, backyard wedding, ballroom, Helicopter, Hot air balloon, or whatever your two loving heart’s desires…

Look no further, Indy Get Married is your best option. Let’s create something epic together. Call Lesley today 317-918-4431

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