The Wedding MBA in Las Vegas inspired me to Blog!

Wedding chapel Caesars Palace

The Wedding MBA in Las Vegas inspired me to blog! How? I have no idea…

While attending conferences for three days in row, I did not learn anything about blogging per se. I guess I have been wanting to start a blog for my clients to read, but fear has held me back. Not only did I learn SO many new things to better my business, I also walked out of there feeling more confident than ever!

This confidence was that push I needed to get started I guess. I know, you are probably thinking, Its only a blog lady, calm down! Well, as you can tell by now, grammar is not my strongest suit….nor spelling now that I have been learning a new language for the past 12 years. Yes. Thats my excuse and i’m sticking to it! Ha!

I know practice makes perfect. So please feel free to help a sista out and correct me in the comments (for all you grammar police 🙂

This is exciting, I can’t wait to blog about all these awesome weddings I do on a daily basis!

A big shout out and thank you to the WMBA for an awesome year! You can find information about them following the link below.

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