Indiana Wedding Vows: To write your own or get professional help?

Before you discount writing vows or even better, hiring a writer to write them for you, you might want to give some thought to this option. While at first glance it might seem impersonal to hire someone whom you don’t even know to write your vows. Doing so might turn out to be one of the most meaningful decisions you can make for your big day.

In the same breath, you might think writing your vows yourself sounds like a wedding torture test to prove how much you love your soon to be spouse. We are breaking down these options to help you create the perfect Indiana wedding ceremony that leaves you and your guests with all the feels.

Writing Your Own Vows

After reading that header did you start sweating a little? We know that writing your own vows can certainly feel like an overwhelming task, and this is especially true if you don’t feel you have the writer’s gift.

We urge you, even if it feels awkward and tragically bad, marinate on trying to do this since your own words will have a bigger impact on your fiancé. Here are a few tips to help you craft the perfect massage, if you’re up for the challenge.

  1. The best vows are told as stories – Write down your favorite memories with your partner and attempt to pull out the lesson, meaningful moment, benchmark or what you love from each of those memories. These moments are often a good place to start in crafting how you feel about your significant other and brings the guests into your vows.
  • Define your partner in singular words – Take a piece of paper and write down as many words as possible to define your partner. Do this in 2-3 minutes. Without thinking too hard about it. Circle the top five that mean the most to you. Write a sentence for each of those words. Rinse and repeat… this will give you the foundation for your personal vows. From there you can start placing them in an order that makes sense and building on the ideas you’ve come up with.
  • Ask your officiant for some guidance – Many clients come to me about their vows, and while some leave the words up to me, I am also happy to offer any insights and support if you want to write your own. Together we work to create the right balance of personal and professional vows. This creates both a traditional and less traditional ceremony that is memorable for everyone.

Hiring A Wedding Vow Writer

Before turning your nose up at hiring a professional writer to create your vows, consider how this might feel on your big day. Do you anticipate this day to feel busy, overwhelming, emotional or the like? Do you have any anxiety around writing and presenting words in front of others? We know that not only are “you” on display on your big day when you saying your vows, so is your ability to write. This can feel pretty vulnerable from some people.

When you hire a professional vow writer, it’s not like they put together some sort of boiler-plate vows to recite which sound nothing like something you’d write. In fact, a great vow writer will do an extensive interview with you and bring in elements that speak to the magic between you and your partner. What they craft, might be exactly what you struggle to find the words to say. Professional writers, especially those who you don’t know, tend to have less noise when writing your vows, and often capture their clients in a storybook or literary fashion.

You can find vow writers online in places like Upwork or LinkedIn, just make sure you start your research to find the right writer in ample time. A professional writer can work quickly, but you want to give them plenty of time to get you exactly what you want along with ample time for edits. Writers can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on the length and amount of research needed to build your ideal vows.

We hope this look into creating the perfect wedding vows in Indianapolis gives you the confidence or validation you need to do them yourself, or hire them out. Either option is bound to give you what you want if you give yourselves time to write or hire the right person for your big day.