Thank you for reserving me to officiate your Wedding. I truly appreciate your business. As a way of saying “Thank you” I wanted to put a few freebies out there for you. These Wedding Templates will be so helpful when it’s time to change your last name. (You might want to bookmark this page if you would like to come back to it later)

All Inclusive or Royal Package

Please take a moment to fill out a booking form on the right side of this page. This will give me all the details I will need in order to personalize your ceremony. I will be in touch with you a month before your wedding date. Keep an eye out for your ceremony draft in your email.

Please note: If you booked an elopement or helicopter package there is no need for you to fill out the booking form.

Elopement Packages

For those of you that booked an elopement or helicopter package, I have everything for your ceremony prepared for you. You have the option of saying your own vows, but it is not necessary. Just like your rings, they are completely optional and not a requirement. The location of my chapel is

Note: Due to high traffic, sometimes my ring doorbell needs a recharge. If so, please knock so I can open the chapel for you as soon as possible.

Information for the helicopter package

Weight limits are 300 pounds per person and 550 pounds for the passengers combined. The location is 9913 Willow View Rd. Fishers, IN. 46038. Go to the end of airport entrance road off of Masters RD. North of 96th St. and turn RIGHT into the parking lot. It is the white 9913 building Not the 9917 TW building.

On the rare occasion we have extreme weather for example… Fog, freezing rain etc… your helicopter flight will be rescheduled at your earliest convenience. Cold temperatures in general do not affect your flight, and we do have heat on the helicopter.

For the remaining payment

For the remaining balance if you did not pay in full. Please make sure you submit this payment on my website using the same package option you chose.You will not automatically receive an invoice for the remaining amount due. You can always request me to send one to you if that is more convenient. Please make sure your remaining balance is paid by the morning of your Wedding.

Are you ready? We cant wait!

Name Change Checklist Wedding Template

Below is a free wedding checklist that you may download and it will give you a printable version of a helpful checklist. This checklist includes all of the places you need to provide an update with your new last name.

Wedding template letter to request name change

I had my lawyers put together this letter that you may add your personal details to and send to all the places on the checklist above. This is a free template letter that you may download and print.

While I have you in a good mood…

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But for those of you who doesn’t normally leave reviews, or only on occasion. Id really appreciate if you would leave others your honest opinion of my services. Thank you!

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