Canal Elopements

The Canal is a great choice for location here in Indy. Having my office located so close to downtown allows me to offer this package at such a great price. The canal is a public space so best of all FREE for your use!! As long as you do not need to set up chairs or tables. However, the spot I recommend for these elopements. They already have benches and concrete seating there for your use. This specific spot I recommend has a lovely water feature behind us and the canal on the other side. So plenty of great backdrops for pictures.

There are many other spots you can choose on the canal. In front of waterfalls or bridges. Consider taking a ride or getting married on the gondola. (Beautiful boat service they offer, as an additional service with their own fees) Not only is it a beautiful Gondola but they sing! Serenade in Venice anyone? Not technically, but don’t tell your imaginations that. Please check their website for more information. Mention you already have an officiant in mind. Gondola rides on the canal

Wedding Gondola Rides on the Canal
Indianapolis Canal Gondolas

Best of all, you are already in downtown INDY! Many food options, Horse carriage rides, our famous MASS Ave. and Fountain Square. So many more unique places to visit. Celebrate your marriage out on the town!

What do you get with this package?

Indianapolis Canal
  • short sweet civil ceremony I already have prepared for you
  • The option of saying your own vows that you wrote
  • Ring exchange (optional)
  • Complete your marriage license
  • I offer to take pictures for you with either your phone or mine

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What if you need something not on this list? You can easily contact me and we can discuss other options. I can add services à la carte if you need anything not included. Or click here to see other Wedding Packages