Any bride or groom, who has google searched “wedding invitations” already knows the overwhelm that inevitably follows. If you haven’t done this yet, we urge you to skip that search unless you want to give yourself anxiety right out of the gate. We have chosen our favorite invitation trends for your Indianapolis wedding in 2020. With so many options, it’s nearly impossible to choose just one. So, we have whittled down our list to just the top five (with links to experts,) so you can stay focused or at least be specific in your searches. Let’s get to it.


Wedding Invitations Invites that drip with watercolor might be for the dreamy, romantic, and wonderer types. Watercolor tends to depict artistic creatives or those that appreciate this sort of aesthetic. Watercolor is a way to showcase variables in wedding color themes and can be multi-dimensional in nature. The uneven edges mean your relationship expands as time passes. You can also meld styles here to further showcase your independent personalities. Use fonts to help illustrate this with scrolling types for romance and clean and modern for those that are progressive and bolder. We loved options from Etsy Owners: Unmeasured EventDesigned By AnnaLittle Bird Weddings


Wedding Officiant IdeasAn invite medium you might be new to is acrylic. This style might serve those couples that are ultra-progressive and lovers of modern lines and aesthetics. Acrylic is a “cooler” style over “paper” and may serve those who appreciate minimalism and art. Personally, I have never received this sort of invitation but I see it is trending in many online spaces. This clear and sometimes highly designed invite can take on many forms. They can come in various shapes or the standard 5×7 size so it fits an envelope and the rest of your enclosed goodies. What’s unique about this, aside from the presentation, is that it also acts as a memento for your guests. What a lovely keepsake for your wedding guests as a reminder of your big day. We found a number of stores on Etsy that can help you with various designs, and we just loved this one from Jane Custom Gifts


What appears to be a wedding invite looks more like a piece of art. The laser cut out wedding invitation offers precision artwork with a traditional sentiment. This might be a nice combination for our precision couples, those who work in engineering or manufacturing. Those who want life to be beautiful with a twist of surprise thrown in to keep things interesting. These invites often fold and enclose the many pieces inside; they can be done in bold or soft colors to accommodate your personalities even further. I found a number of “to die” for options on Etsy but a few of our favorites are below in order (L-R) BD Store Co (((RED))) – Bailey and Beau paper Company ((VINTAGE VIBE))) – Stephanie Invitations ((Lace look))


Wedding ElopementThere are other options when it comes to invites that are less about bells and whistles and more about the simplicity of your nuptials. The minimalist style may be a good option for couples who already embrace minimalism as a lifestyle or who have a fascination with things like an off-grid living, tiny living, live abroad life, or other simple styles of living. You can create different shapes and sizes for a little more visual interest. While keeping fonts simple and in hand-scripts, you can further illustrate this style by adding geometric shapes – With some natural flora embellishments. A simple Etsy search will reveal a ton of possibilities and open your mind to some potential embellishments that you may not have thought of. We loved this one from seller Paper Innocence.  


Wedding IndianapolisWhile a very specific style, the origami wedding invite is an incredibly playful style of wedding invite. This style would best suit playful couples that are practical jokesters, the center of the party, expert entertainers, or party throwers. These invites embrace sophisticated design and child-like creativity. There are fewer of these sellers on Etsy compared to other style sellers, likely because it’s specific and less popular. That might be exactly why you would fall in love with them.

I’m glad you stopped by to see what is happening in wedding invitation trends in 2020. There are so many options, I hope this helps narrows down your choice as you attach your personality to your invitations.

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