While there have certainly been reasons recently to think “smaller” for your wedding event, the idea was on-trend before the world changed in 2020. Now our health and safety are topping the list of those reasons (Thanks to COVID-19). Many brides in Indiana are opting to choose quality over quantity, even when they have a large budget to work with. We are welcoming back the Indiana backyard weddings, barn weddings, and destination weddings.

Maybe you, too, are considering a smaller style wedding or are curious about how to have one. If you are wondering how to adapt, here are some benefits and ideas you may not have considered about having a small, but still beautiful, wedding in the Indianapolis area.


The obvious benefit of a smaller wedding is a financial commitment. What you might have spent on more tables, chairs, food, accommodations, and so on…. you’ll reap in higher quality accouterment for your special day.

This might mean that your wedding venue that would have cost you $5000+ could potentially be half the cost or even free! Everyone knows someone who knows someone, who has a great place to hold a wedding. Start asking your extended friends, network about potential venue candidates. This is especially crucial if you are scrambling to reschedule or have been forced to relocate your wedding.


A small guest list means you get to treat everyone attending as your special guest. You’ll get more time to talk to each guest without getting pulled away from them every five minutes. Engage with the groups of people who are story-telling and sharing personal stories.

You will be able to gift more people time as memorable moments of your wedding day. You may even be able to spend more on attendee favors as a result. It’s a lovely thought to have all your friends and family at your wedding, but in today’s world, there are other ways of doing this online. Those who mean the most to you can be there and share in the experience.


Large weddings tend to leave out the small details based solely on scale. For example, it’s hard to personalize table place-settings for 250-500 people. But when you have only 20-50-people to do this for, you can open up your imagination. I don’t know about you, but designing or even making tablescapes for more than 50-people doesn’t sound fun, at all. Not to mention, you might not have this option because these details cost money.

Here are some ideas: Spend extra time on the experience of entering your wedding space as a guest. How is it decorated, who is there to greet them, is there something fun to pick up and take with them?

Think about where your guests can mingle before and after the ceremony. Can you create visual stations? One with his story, One with her story, and One with “your” story. The guests can pick up a scroll with a memory/love letter and they can read it out loud at the reception to the guests? If you are asking for dollars instead of gifts… what would that gift table look like? Consider collecting pretty silver ice buckets they can place their cards/funds in. One for the honeymoon, one for the home, and one for savings.


Music is always a great choice, but you might consider adding even more entertainment to your Indiana wedding day lineup. What if you had some dancers perform your favorite songs that you have memories attached to? You might be a theatrical group and would find a magician or juggler as an awesome addition.

The best part of smaller weddings is that you can open up pandora’s box of ideas. Ideas that might not work well in larger spaces or with too many people. You can leave the photobooths and popcorn bars to those groups. You have the chance to hire interesting entertainment with a smaller wedding, so let your creativity shine.


Finally, destination weddings are still a huge hit with couples who want to keep things smaller. This is a great idea if you’re having a hard time with tweaking your guest list. Turning your wedding day into one that requires a plane ticket. This might be the eliminating factor you needed. Without people finding out they weren’t invited to your wedding.

Destination weddings remain one of the best all-inclusive ways to hand over the details to someone else. All you have to do is show up for the very purpose of getting married. The union. Then, you get to stay and have your honeymoon with or without friends and family. Successful destination weddings come both packaged and put together by you. This depends on where you’re going and what is already available once you get there. If you need an officiant, I am available to travel with you for your day.

Hopefully, this look at the smaller wedding trend in Indiana has offered you some ideas. These are ways your Wedding Event can still be high quality while being small in scale.

There is no reason why you can’t have all the magical pieces in place and adapt to your needs at a time like this. If you need more ideas or an Indianapolis Wedding Officiant for your day, please let me know if I can help. I offer elopements in my decorated chapel for just $60!

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