Even in crisis mode

Dealing with the intensity of a public health pandemic can wreak havoc on your daily routines. But it can also affect your relationship and your presence of mind. Fortunately, there are ways you and your partner can thrive—even amidst a crisis. Here are strategies for keeping your relationship—and yourselves—healthy and happy.


Make Time for “Me Time”

Making time to unwind by yourself is actually a good thing. Self-care is essential to your well-being and, in turn, can strengthen your relationship.

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Schedule “We Time,” Too

Making plans to spend time with your partner is just as important as scheduling time for yourself. Here are ways to connect and communicate better.

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Don’t Overlook Health and Fitness

We all know that it’s important to keep up with healthy habits, such as working out and keeping the home clean. But doing so together can boost your motivation to stick to your routine.

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Surviving a crisis is one thing—but thriving during it is another. With the right attitude and a few smart relationship strategies, you and your partner can do more than just get by. Spending time reflecting, bonding, and keeping healthy both together and independently will get you through anything as a solid unit.

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