As a wedding officiant, I see hundreds of wedding invites a year. Some of the creativity is off the charts. However, if you’re not the creative type (nothing wrong with that) and need help putting together something memorable, I have a great resource to pass along. This is the first representation of your wedding celebration, and understandably, you want it to make a statement with your wedding invitation card. Here are some things to consider with the help of our friends at Basic Invite.

Work with The Right Template

Sure, you could spend hours designing and handling all the printing details, gathering all the right pieces, font searches, color tuning, and address building, or you can leave that to the professionals. There are a lot of details when it comes to a wedding, and the last thing you need is to wrestle over invite details. It sounds fun until you’re in the middle of it. Instead, work with a company that has a template that meets your style and wedding vibe. Basic Invites has some of the best wedding invitations already built on their site. All you have to do is plug in your information and move on to flowers. Their site alone has over 900 set options to choose from.

Choose the Right Colors

Some online wedding invite builders have limited options when it comes to color and how it’s used in the invite. This typically has you settling instead of getting what you actually want. Basic Invite allows you to customize down to the smallest details, which is why many people end up using their services. There are 180 color options and 40+ envelope colors to work with, which will make for a truly customizable experience and wedding invitation. Their envelopes are peel and seal too, which eliminates sticky fingers and mouths!

Harness Technology

We live in such progressive times, where creativity merges with technology, making lives (and weddings) easier everywhere. Let’s not fight it, shall we? Basic Invite allows you to create your own customizable website within theirs, to help you keep track of your invitations, mailings, and even update your guests with announcements and maps they may need. They allow you to collect guest addresses for free. You can share a link via your social media or by email and have your guest fill out their information. Also, you may want to consider using their “seal and send wedding invitations.” Build your design, and when they arrive to you, all you have to do is fold, add postage, and add a sticker to them.

Check Your Work

Finally, something you’ll want to make sure you do is order a sample. This allows you to check the color, design, quality of paper, etc. Basic Invites will send you a sample to ensure your invitation is perfect before sending it to print.

I love passing along great resources to my clients from here at Indy Get Married, and this resource seemed to blend creativity, function, and technology into one package. As much as I appreciate the DIY options and the warriors who attempt them, we love that there is this option for those who feel too overwhelmed trying to tackle wedding invitations on their own.