Affirmation of Community

The Affirmation of Community is where family and friends can voice their support. Here is an example:

Every person present here represents an opportunity for the love and support of this newly married couple. You each carry an obligation to be an advocate for their relationship.

Now that you have heard BRIDE and GROOM exchange their vows, do you, family and friends, promise to encourage and support them in creating a strong and vital marriage?

If so, say, “We do.”

The blessings to the four Winds/Directions

The Blessing to the Four Directions has its roots in Native American culture. It is the belief that human beings are tied to all things in nature. It is this belief which assigned virtues to the four cardinal directions; East, South, West and North.

Breaking of the Glass

The Breaking of the Glass symbolizes the destruction of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem. Couples include this tradition in their wedding ceremony as it symbolizes the absolute finality of the marital covenant.

Just as the broken pieces of glass can never be put back together and returned to its former state, so the covenant of marriage irrevocably binds the new husband and wife in their new state of marriage. Just in case…. I wanted to mention, please wrap the glass bottle with cloth before having the couple step on the glass.

Bride and Groom thank you

During the ceremony the bride and groom are facing each other. The Bride and Groom Thank You provides an opportunity to turn and face friends and family while the officiant thanks everyone for all their support.  This is a beautiful way to treasure the moment of seeing everyone being there for you on your special day.

Candle Unity

Lighting a Unity Candle during your wedding ceremony is a special way to symbolize your two lives joining together as one. Please keep in mind this union ceremony when performed outdoors, it is hard to keep the candles lit if there is wind.

Doves, Ribbons, Butterflies, and Bubbles

Ribbons, Doves, Butterflies and Bubbles are a fun way of ending the wedding ceremony. This takes place just before the bride and groom recess down the aisle as husband and wife.

The family medallion

The Family Medallion ceremony is a way to include children in the wedding ceremony. This is a great way to build a bond between stepparents and stepchildren. The recognition of children offers an opportunity for your guests to bear witness not only to your vows as husband and wife but your family commitment as well.

Jumping the broom

Jumping the broom is a phrase and custom where the couple jumps over a broom. The tradition of Jumping the Broom symbolizes sweeping away the old and welcoming the new—a symbol of a new beginning.

Mother’s Rose Ceremony

The Mother’s Rose Ceremony is a great way of honoring the Bride & Groom’s mothers or other family members during a wedding ceremony. The Rose or Flower ceremony allows the bride and groom a way for them to show gratitude.

Ring Warming

Before you say your vows and exchange your rings, the wedding officiant will ask everyone, including your wedding party to participate in a ring warming. The ring warming is an opportunity to send the bride and groom good luck and love through a silent wish to the rings when passed to them. (You can also include this for the ribbon or rope you use in Hand-Fasting.)

Rose/Gift Ceremony

A Rose/Gift ceremony is a romantic way for the bride and groom to exchange their first gifts as husband and wife.

Sand Ceremony

A Sand Ceremony or Blending of the Sand is a unique way to symbolize two lives becoming one in a wedding ceremony. This is also a great way to incorporate children or family into the wedding.

The Seven Blessings

The Seven Blessings are part of a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony. The blessings are from ancient teachings, beginning with the blessing over the wine and ending with a communal expression of joy.

In many ceremonies the prayers are read or chanted in both Hebrew and English. There are also many modern English readings on the blessings.

Some couples also ask friends or relatives to read some or all of the blessings, or may ask all the guests in attendance to read the blessings from a wedding program. You can create your own or ask honored guests to create their own.

Those with us in Spirit

Those with Us In Spirit gives a well-deserved moment to remember those who have passed away.

Veil, Cord, and Coins “Monedas y Arras”

A Veil symbolizes the becoming one in marriage. A Cord symbolizes the unbreakable bond of marriage. Coins symbolize the stewardship of earthly possessions. This Union Ceremony is also well known in Mexican Catholic Weddings as “Monedas y Arras”

Love Letter & or Wine box

A Love Letter and Wine Box ceremony will serve as a lasting reminder of the commitments made to one another. Heartfelt letters, encapsulating your thoughts and feelings are locked away in a wine box to be revealed several years into your marriage. Whiskey, Scotch or Tequila can easily be switched out for the wine. Or personalize this special ceremony even more to fit your needs. Not a drinker? Just include a letter. You could also open the box on your first anniversary, or when you are just feeling like the fire in your marriage needs some sparks again.

Wine Ceremony

The bride and groom drink from a single glass of wine. This symbolizes drinking from the cup of life and sharing all of its experiences together, both bitter and sweet.

These ideas are just a tip of the ice berg… I have done tree plantings, Sailor knot bracelets instead of rings, etc …

You are already overwhelmed with planning everything, so don’t stress out over these extras for your ceremony. This is where having a professional Wedding Officiant take care of all this helps immensely! Their job is to include the things that resonates with you and your fiance.

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