As couples attempt to secure wedding locations in Indiana, many looks to friends and wedding professionals for promising recommendations. This seems like a great option unless you’re seeking something more unique or maybe more affordable.

Wedding locations are a big part of creating the magic behind the love you share with your partner. The location can mean something special to both of you, which will not just leave a beautiful memory in your minds, but also in the memory of your guests.

Whether you’re desiring a location that fulfills every fairytale you’ve had since you were a child, or you need something small and quaint for you and a handful of guests last minute; we have a few ideas to set your imagination free on Indiana wedding locations and inspiration.


Antique Wedding

Yes, while rustic weddings are certainly “on-trend” right now, you might be able to secure an interesting location at an already visually-pleasing space. Antique warehouses and stores are already photo ready environments and provides visual stimulation for you and your guests.

Mainstream locations might not be as receptive to this idea, but take a chance and ask. From there, you can always try large antique stores just outside of town and see if they are more willing to rent you the space.

In fact, what if you had the whole space opened early while guest await the couple’s nuptials where they could cruise the space and maybe even make a purchase in a private style environment? This might be a selling point when approaching the owners of these spaces. Then, they could rope off an area for just the celebration to keep people from disappearing into the warehouse.  This idea offers natural backdrops for great lighting and floral set ups, not to mention stunning photos with your guests and loved ones.


Theater Weddings

Sure, if your budget allows, you can try and book the popular Vogue Theatre or Indianapolis Repertory Theatre in downtown Indianapolis. If you’re working with a smaller location budget, why not check out some of the amazing theatre spaces just outside of Indianapolis.

There are options in Greenfield, New Palestine, Anderson, Muncie, Lafayette, Bloomington and Danville that might just have the perfect option with historical charm.

Theater’s already have built-in seating options, so you’ll save on seating rentals, and usually an elevated stage space giving everyone a wonderful view of the whole ceremony without visual impairments. These spaces often have gorgeous foyers that could be used for smaller receptions (or at least can be decorated beautifully) and might be good for small cocktail style receptions. 


Garden Weddings

Other visually stunning spaces to hold a wedding are Indiana’s orchards or growing list of vineyards. There are orchards located all over the state which can be easily found through a quick Google search.

Indiana vineyards, while fewer, are also located all over the state of Indiana. You’ll find options close to Lake Michigan, as well as plenty in central and Southern Indiana.

Either option would be spectacular for an outdoor Indiana wedding and would offer natural backdrops for memories and photos. The bonus of booking at these spaces, you might be able to hit end of season or off-season rates and they likely have already hosted weddings which can be very helpful in the planning process.


Yacht Weddings

For a smaller intimate style wedding, a vintage yacht might be an amazing option for you and your wedding guests.

We know, a boat or yacht in Indiana? While Indiana isn’t known for having a significant amount of options for this type of wedding, don’t forget how close we are to Lake Michigan.

This is a unique idea to keep your wedding smaller scaled, reducing the cost of decorations and feeding a lot of people, but it’s one of the most unique ways to say “I do”. There are tons of private owners who would be happy to have you aboard for a few hours so you can have your ceremony on water. We suggest using facebook groups to ask around or do a quick Google search for rentable yachts out of Chicago and surrounding areas.


Historical Wedding

This option might not seem “unusual” but when you consider “older historical” options, it might pique your imagination.

Indiana is filled with stunning historical cities and towns just outside of Indianapolis. Libraries are a unique location because they have limited hours for regular visitors and often welcome ways to bring in extra dollars for operating costs.

We suggest these spaces for those who have a smaller wedding in mind. (There are more rules to follow in these spaces) but many of these historical buildings are fit to hold plenty of guests. Books provide a beautiful sentimental backdrop for weddings, especially when you consider the abundance of love stories contained in the space. So, for our book-loving intellectual couples, start doing some research on libraries for your Indiana wedding space.

We hope we’ve given you some wedding location inspiration and we can’t wait to hear what kind of location you end up with. As a special and unique couple, we say go “all in” on an Indiana wedding location that is as unique as you are. If you need more ideas and suggestions, reach out to us here at Indy Get Married.